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About Us

Our church was first founded by Preacher Yungchou Hsu in Aptil 2005. After receiving the vision from our mother church(Bread of Life Christian Church in Tapei) to "inherit the mission, evangelize with authority and power, live according to the Bible, and walk towards glory", we aim to establish a glorious church in Atlanta.

We expect our brothers and sisters to pursue  four important goals:


1) Being able to follow the Holy Spirit and letting God reign in life

2) Desiring God's words and being able to execrcise and preach the Bible

3) Being able to live a holy life and having beautiful testmonies

4) Through teamwork, being able to carry out ministry to bless others.

We believe that through the establishment of Bread of Life Christian Church in Atlanta, God will use us to truly influence eveyone who comes in contact with us through the tesminoies of how our life has been changed, so that we can bring God's love, joy, and peace to individuals, families, workplaces, communities, abnd even nations and kingdoms.


Since we use the small group church structure, we invite all new comers to join a small group. In the small group, you will learn and experience support, prayer, and love for one another, build up your faith, grow and be renewed spiritually, as well as spread the gosapel, and live a meaningful "Purpose Driven Life".

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