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In the early days of various gatherings, whenever it came time to lead worship and select hymns on the spot, it was a nightmare for the audio-visual operator. Later, with the advent of computers, the situation improved, but there were still too many PowerPoint files to manage and search through, posing a significant challenge. The trial version of the Chinese-English Hymn Projection System (Beta) was completed in 2005, addressing these issues. It collected more than 6,000 hymns. However, due to copyright concerns and the demands of pastoral ministry, there wasn't enough time to write a manual. Additionally, the challenge of how to add new songs and share them among users remained unresolved, so it was only used within one's own church. After fifteen years, the collection has grown to ten thousand hymns, and some sister churches have begun using it. It has provided assistance, at least in terms of finding hymns and lyrics, and the decision was made to put it on the internet.


  1. Dual-screen operation allows you to display hymns on the second screen or project them onto an LCD screen. Project your hymns in various ways. Because it uses a dual-screen setup, your actions won't be visible to the congregation when searching for hymns, which can greatly reduce the stress on church projection operators.

  2. You can pre-select the hymns you plan to use before the meeting, bookmark them, and preset the projection settings.

  3. Adjust settings on the fly during projection.

  4. Includes a "warning" flag for necessary last-minute notices.

  5. Uses the JAVA platform and is compatible with Microsoft Windows, Mac, and other operating systems. It supports multiple languages, including Chinese, English, and Simplified Chinese. Users can choose between Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, or English menus.

Special Thanks: Thanks to the worship team and audiovisual control team at Atlanta Bread of Life Church for testing and providing feedback during the system's development.

This software is freeware and currently does not require registration. If you discover anyone selling it, please inform us via email at (In that case, we may consider adding a registration code, but it will remain free software. However, you don't need to worry about that now.)



Publish MAC version 2.0.0


Publish Windows 2.0.0   MAC version 1.10

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