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CEBible introduction


  1. Offline use.

  2. Support Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Ubuntu, Linux platform.

  3. Support multi-language, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), English, Taiwanese, Hebrew, Greek, Thai, Arabic, Vietnam, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Germany, French, Latin, Spanish, Portuguese, 21 languages and 41 different versions.

  4. Support Traditional, Simplified Chinese and English menu.

  5. View, project to screen, export different version of bible verses synchronously.

  6. Has most powerful search engine

    • Use ‘and’, ‘or’ and ‘( )’ logic search.

    • Support wildcard ‘*’ and ordered ‘and’ search.

    • Support exclusive search.

  7. Support hundreds export format (designed by yourself). Save your time while you edit your article.

Special Functions

  1. Projection function

    • Dual monitor operation

    • Auditor can not see your operation (when you search bible verse or pictures)

    • Operator  find and project verse(s) faster enough to catch the preacher even he/she does not know the verse(s) in front.

    • Project multi-version bible verse(s) synchronously.

    • Project pictures.

  2. Generate Microsoft PowerPoint function:

    • One minute to generate PowerPoint pptx file, includes title, outline(s), bible verse(s), picture(s), table(s) from your article automatically.

  3. Hot key function:

  • You don’t need move  mouse between two programs (windows).

  • Basically, use keyboard and only require four actions.Hit hot key; Type bible verse(s); Hit enter; Hit CTRL+V

  • Save lots of time when you edit your bible study materials.



Add Nepal NNRV


Release version 4.1.0 for Windows, Mac and Open Java 15 for Ubuntu
1. Add pronunciation of Strong number by linking to。



Add book of Job, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon to Jian Ming Sheng Jing. 簡明聖經.


Add Chinese Contemporary Bible  and Chinese Hakka Bible



Version 4.0.4 release for Windows. Mac, Oracle Java 8 and Open Java 15 for Ubuntu

1.  Fix a minor bug.

2.  Correct  Jian Ming Sheng Jing.



Version  4.0.3 released for Windows, MAC, UBUNTU

1. Support Both traditional and Simplified Chinese for searching.

2. Fix minor bug.

3. Add book of Isaiah to Jian Ming Sheng Jing. 簡明聖經.


Thank Brother Ching-Song Hsiao for permissing to use "The Holy Bible: A Dynamic Chinese Translation (also know as: Jian Ming Sheng Jing. 簡明聖經) ) (The translation is not completed yet. When new translation receive, will be added to it)


10/02/2018  released for Windows, Mac, Ubuntu
1. For helping user to use "One hot key to create Powerpoint"  to includes images, tables and other text。 Cebible add 3 set of Tags,<ppt> paragraph </ppt>,  <pptimg image_file_path>,  <ppttbl number_of_column> table </ppt> to achieve this goal。
2. For PC Windows  platform and  Microsoft Word users only,cebible provides 4 Visual Basic Macros to increanse the speed。
  a. HidePPT - It will hide these three set of tags, such that they are not printed.
  b. ShowPPT- It will show these three set tags, such that they can be copied to clipboard 。
  c. SaveAllImage - Save all image files of this article to C:\Temp|Pictures directory。
  d. OpenFileDialog-Make user select image file and import the path to article easiler。
For detail, please see "Powerpoint" --> "How to use one key to generate PPT"。



Add Turkish、Parkistan(Urdu)、Taiwannese (Taihan) Bibles


Add Frasi (Persian) Bible


Add Lao Bible


4/17/2018 released fro Windows, Mac and Ubuntu
1. Fix projection bug.


2/20/2018  4.0.0 released for Ubuntu


1/21/2018 4.0.0 Released for Windows and Mac

Add reference function (But no database for English)


5/16/2017    3.6.0 released for Windows

1. Add new Hotkey F10            - Generate All_block Powerpoint

2. Add new Hotkey Shift+F10 - Generate separated one_block Powerpoint.

3. Increase Powerpoint level to 26.

4. Add enable/disable function to Hotkey, in case the key is conflict to other package, you can either disable or change the definition.

5. Fix bugs.


1. Add Portuguese bible vereion
2. Add Spanish reina valera 1909 bible version
3. Add Tagalog 1905
4. Works for Windows 10


5/28/2015 3.2.0 released for Windows, Mac, Ubuntu
Change "Generate PowerPoint from clip board" to two mode. Each slide contains up to 15 outlines.
1. All Block mode   - Contains all first layer outline, used for less outline.
2. Single Block mode - Contains single first layer outline,used for lots of second, third, ... layer outline.
3. Hot key works for Mac.


2/12/2015 3.1.1 released for Ubuntu
1. Hot key works for Ubuntu.
2. The Powerpoint generated lost its backgroud picture. After add the background, all outline are correct。The bible verse font was changed to small character, need to adjust.


2/11/2015 3.1.1 released for Windows
1. Merge last two functions into a "Generate PowerPoint from clip board"  function. Copy your article into clipboard, use this function  will generate Microsoft PowerPoint (xxxx.pptx) within a minute.
2. Fix Hotkey (Shift key) function。


1/2/2015   3.1.0 released for Windows
1. "Generate outline automatically" function: Scan clipboard will generate outline and bible verse 。
2. "Generate Powerpoint from outline" function: Will generate PowerPoint (pptx) file automatically。


9/30/2014  3.0.0 released for Windows
1.     "Export outline to xxx.pptx" function. The resuly file can be edit by PowerPoint(2010)。
2.     "Hotkey search" not only works for bible verse but a single wordl。
3.     Double click Strong number will open the concordance window directly.
4.     Fix minor bugs.
5.     Released new edited "Tradition Chinese Union version".


10/12/2013 2.9.0 released for Mac


5/20/2013  2.9.0 released for Windows, Ubuntu
1.     Add "Export PowerPoint format" function : Turn slide into Microsoft PowerPoint (xxx.ppt) format.
2.     Since CEBible supports more than 20 version now, add "Change version order" to "Version" menu.
3.     Link YouTube "CEBible training Video" to "Help" menu。
4.     Major revised CEBible Manual 。


6/20/2012   2.8.0 released for Windows and MAC
1.     The “search” funtion supports all language now. It is not limited to Chinese and English anymore。
2.     Add Braclay Taiwanese version。
3.     Add superscript and subscript option to the bible verse number while you export  bible verse(s). 
4.     Add menu font size change function to “View” menu. User can change the font size for menu and left frame.
5.     Cancel default search version, the search will apply to all open versions.  For example, If you are looking a Greek word, then Greek version must be displayed. 


12/23/2011 2.7.0 released for MAC


4/19/2011 2.70 released for WIndows and Ubuntu
1. One version supports  both 32bits and 64 bits.
2. Support dual main verse frame, use "inst" key to switch frame.
3. Add default export bible version(defined by youself under "Version" menu). Shift F8, Shift F9 will export the default version(s) instead of current version(s) you are viewing。
4. Hotkey changes to:
    F6         :  Minimize and restore window
    Shift F6 : Toggle showing bible verse.
    F7         :  Input searching bible verse(s).
    Shift F7 :  Append searching verse to original searching verse.
    F8         :  Export selected checkbox verse(s).
    Shift F8 :  Export selected checkbox verse(s) with default version.
    F9         :  Scan clipbord and export verse(s).
    Shift F9 :  Scan clipbord and export verse(s) with default version.
5. Add "narrownize search" function,After you highlight word,the search only apply to the previous fund verse(s). Logically it equals 'current sear word" plus "previous search word".
6. Add project for previous slide (ALT -)
7. Change quick key(ALT P) to (ALT Q).


3/12/2010 2.5.0 released for Windows and Ubuntu platform
1. Fixed minor bug.
2. Split cebible to cebible (with projection) and cebible_no_lcd (without projection functions).
  The cebible_no_lcd is amaller and uses less memory.
3. Support Window7 64bits.


Version 2.4.5 released for Mac platform


Version 2.4.5 released for Windows and Ubuntu platform

1. Fix Export format configure bug.


Version 2.40 released for Windows and Ubuntu platform

1. Fix searching bug.
2. Mac user suggest,add short cut key to icon key.
  Alt +  ←  : previous book
  Alt +  →  : next book
  Alt +   ↑   : previous chapter
  Alt +   ↓   : next chapter
  Alt +  Z    : back to previous search result. (original Alt +  ← )
  Alt +  O   :   Open(open previous and next 5 verses)
  Alt +  C   :   Chapter (Open this chapter)
  Alt +  S   :   Search highlighted word.
  Alt +  M  :   Add selected verse(s) memory.
3. in ' Tool' menu:
    a. Add"Book Chapter" option
       User decide use one or two "Dropdown menu" to choose book and chapter。
    b. "Change user home directory" - If  you install to USB. When you take it to other computer,
        you may not have "login id " in that computer, therfore, could not find your "personal folder",

         Then you can use this option to change "home directory".
4. User can save his defined "Export format".
5. Add "exclusive" function to search function.
6. Add a CheckBox on selected verse(s), to check all or uncheck all verses。
7. Add Greek bible.
8. Updated Korean bible.
9. Add Russian bible.


Version 2.30 released for Windows and Ubuntu platform

1. Per user's suggestion, merge Hotkey bible functions into CeBible.
2. In main page:
  Add Alt + ← key to back to previous page.
    Alt + F9 : extract bible verses from clipboard.
  F6  :  Iconify or deiconify cebible window.
  F7  :  Input search  "string".
  F8  :  Append search "string".
  F9  :  extract bible verses from clipboard. Same as "Alt + F9".
3. Go to history page when user click the item in drop down comobox.
4. Add icons for user's who prefer to use icon instead of using right mouse (MAC user).
5.  Change default installation folder from C:\Program Files\Missionary Launch Fund\cebible to
     C:\mlf\cebible. And your personal own folder from "document and settings\your_name\cebible"
     to "C:\mlf\cebible\your_name".
     The purpose for this change is:
     If you have more than two computers, you don't want to install many copies in different computers,
     and you don't want the bookmark, sermon notes, slides, pictures created in one computer, but
     not portable to another.  To solve this problem, install CeBible into USB drive. If you USB drive
     is on "F:" drive, then install CeBible to "F:\mlf", instaed of "C:\mlf".

Version 2.20 released for Linux Ubuntu platform.


Version 2.20 released for Windows platform
1. Fix when type 「Enter」 to do search,sytem would be slower problem。
New functions
1. Add 「Export format」 menu item,User can define his own export format. This make editing easier, faster.
2. Add "replace bookmark" and "append to bookmark" function to "Bookmark" menu。
3. Add HotKey function, but only work for Microsoft Window OS


Add  public domain bible version into CEBible.
1.  Traditional Chinese Lu Zhen Zhung version.
2.  Latina
3.  Young's Literal Translation.
4.  American Standard Version.


Version 2.10 released for Windows platform
1. Add "Slide menu" functions。 But Don't have time to write the manual, hope you can figure out how to use it.
2. Enhanced "network" function. It works among Windows, Linux, and MAC platform.


Version 2.02 released for Linux Ubuntu platform.


Version 2.02 released
1. Fix "personal bookmark" could not stored into disk bug.


Version 2.01 released for Mac platform.


1.  Correct ESV bible version.


Version 2.01 released.
1. Add Vietnam, Korean Bible version.
2. Fix  "M+" definition lost error。
3. Fix Bookmark error。


Version 2.0 released


Version 1.0 released


2000 Start development

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