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恩典小組 -- Grace Group


Meeting time --  Sunday @ 1-3pm

小組聚會時間 --  週日1-3pm

Leader Contact Info 小組長:  Lynn Wang 謝香

Contact Cell Number: 678 622 5780

恩典小組是姐妹小組,週日下午1:00-3:00 PM在教會聚會。由於聚會時間相同,通常恩寵和恩典兩個姐妹小組與心連心弟兄小組週日下午一起聚會。

​Grace group is sisters' group and meets at 1:00-3:00 PM on Sunday afternoon. Because the same meeting schedule, usually Favor and Grace two sisters' groups meet together with Heart-to-Heart brother group on Sunday afternoon.

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